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How to do password restoration in LEO
Last Updated 3 years ago

  • After you have written the link ( on the URL then after writing a wrong password you will get a message as shown below:
  • Click on “Click here” link then you will be prompted with a page saying that your request has been sent to your email address.
  • Then, check on your emails as the reset password link will be there
  • Click on “this link” you will be prompted with a re-set password page
  • Write the password of your choice, confirm your password then submit
  • NB: your password has to have 8 characters (Words + numbers + special Character) eg student2010
  • After that you will be able to login to the system with the new password that you have just created.

Tafadhali subiri...!

Tafadhali subir... itachukua muda kidogo!